Learn to Read Activity Book: 101 Fun Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read

Learn to Read Activity Book: 101 Fun Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read

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The F-U-N way to teach kids how to read-- The Learn to Read Activity Book offers effective and engaging lessons to successfully teach your little one to learn to read.

Teachers know that the key to learning is to make it fun. That's why experienced educator and learning material developer Heather Braun has combined playful activities with an effective lesson plan in the Learn to Read Activity Book. By motivating your little one with engaging lessons, The Learn to Read Activity Book is designed to get kids excited about reading with you, and on their own.

Witness those "light bulb" moments with your child as they grasp new skills and learn to read. The Learn to Read Activity Book features:

  • Play-Motivated Learning consisting of coloring, tracing, mazes, puzzles, word searches, and other activities to grab your child's full attention as they learn to read
  • An Effective Format to Lean to Read emphasizing practice and independence, your child will learn to read based on the "I do, we do, you do" model
  • Over 100 Cumulative Lessons teaching your child to recognize letters, sound them out, and learn to read complete words and sentences
  • Go from singing the ABCs to reading words with fun activities that actually make your child want to learn to read with The Learn to Read Activity Book.